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  • MIDDLE EAST - Arabia Saudita
    Balkhair Trading Est. Jeddah
  • MIDDLE EAST - Cipro
    Liassis Shoe-Lasts Co. Ltd. Latsia - Nicosia
  • MIDDLE EAST - Cipro
  • MIDDLE EAST - Giordania
    Abu Zahra Trading Co. Amman
  • MIDDLE EAST - Giordania
    Saleh Taher Salhab & Sons Co. Amman
  • MIDDLE EAST - Iran
    Saman Paydar Navid Co.Ltd. Tehran
  • MIDDLE EAST - Iraq
    Al-Haddad TradingCentre Baghdad
  • MIDDLE EAST - Israele
    Erodor Import & Marketing Ltd. Tel Aviv
  • MIDDLE EAST - Siria
    Tarakji Aymman Bakri Import Export Aleppo
  • MIDDLE EAST - Siria
    Gaundjian Assadour Damascus

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