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Terms of Trade
The following general sales conditions aim to help us getting rid of some inefficiencies that could weigh down our production, logistic and administrative processes. Our goal is to get to service levels and performances that exceed your expectations.

We are sure it will not be difficult to conform to this way of operating and, more important, that the advantages brought by will remarkably contribute to keep our qualitative standards as higher as possible with full reciprocal satisfaction.
  • Minimum of invoice
  • Minimum batch quantity for customised and non standard products
  • Order changes
  • Deliveries and shipments
  • Payments
Minimum of invoice 

1. Kenda Farben will no more accept orders summing up less than 400 Euro. Please refer to the distributors in your region for smaller orders.
Minimum batch quantity for customised and non standard products

2. The following minimum batch quantities will be applied to any line of order for non standard products (the customer may opt for an extra charge that covers the total price of the minimum quantity). The quantities may vary slightly due to the exact number of packings in each box:

Product line Minimum quantity
Adhesives KG. 600
Solvents KG. 50
Varnishes KG. 44
Finishing KG. 25
Waxes KG. 40
Kendafoam KG. 22

3. A minimum quantity will be applied to any line of order for non standard packings, depending on the minimum quantity Kenda Farben must purchase for the different kind of packings and, therefore, communicated each time.

For any information about the standard products/packages, our customer care is always at your disposal. As for the minimum of invice, please refer to the distributors in your region for smaller quantities.
Order changes

4. Any change received up to one week before the communicated delivery date will be incorporated in the existing order, with the exception of all the cases in which the change is such to imply a substantial shift in time or not recoverable costs for Kenda Farben.

5. All the changes made after the above mentioned terms will be treated as follows:

# order increase (quantity addition, new products): the change will not be included in the existing order, but a new order will be created; the delivery date could be different from the first order.

# order decrease (quantity reduction, partial or total cancellation):
- if Kenda has not sustained any costs yet: for the changed order (or the following one in case of cancellation) the granted discount will expire; if no discount is in place for the customer, an advance payment will be requested;
- if Kenda has already sustained some cost for non-standard products/packing: besides the previous point, Kenda reserves the right not to accept the change.
Deliveries and shipments

6. When the carrier sent by the customer shows for loading on a date different from the delivery date agreed with the order confirmation:

# in case of advance: only the already produced and stocked goods will be delivered;

# in case of delay: three weeks after the agreed delivery date the goods will be set free and the relative order will be cancelled.

7. The ordered goods must be withdrawn in full; Kenda will apply an extra charge to all the goods eventually not loaded for the days they lay in our stocks and, in any case, after three weeks they will be set free.

8. In case an advance payment is requested, the order will not be processed until the payment is made.

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