Leader for over 50 years in the chemical industry
Kenda Farben S.r.l.

In 1990, Kenda Farben S.p.A. decides to compete in the "do-it-yourself" business, with a set of products specifically addressed to this market and featuring high quality, excellent ease of use, low costs and wide availableness.
Therefore, it enters the business with clear and targeted ideas, offering products for dying, touching-up, painting interior and exterior, patching, besides tapes, adhesives, glues and all sort of auxiliaries.
To get to the targets, a new sales organization was created, able to implement sales programs on a market different from the core one: Kenda Farben S.r.l. aims to fulfill both the household and the more sophisticated "do-it-yourself" demand, also taking care of the needs of small and medium companies.
More than a thousand sales points in Italy and more than 20 agents, are there to state the validity of Kenda Farben's choice and put it among the most active companies in this tough market.

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Kenda Farben S.r.l.

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