Leader for over 50 years in the chemical industry
Met S.r.l.

A young company but with proven experience, world leader in the production of paint machines and systems for the footwear industry.
The synergy among the M.E.T. staff has helped to built up a dymanic company in continuous evolution, ready to answer to any market need.
The higher quality of the systems produced by M.E.T. originates from a skilled and expert design linked to the choice of materials and components of excellent reliability, suitable for small, medium and large productions which require exceptional robustness, longevity and impeccable performance.

Met S.r.l.

Hi-Tech Finishing Solutions

V.le Zanotti 113 - 27027 Gropello Cairoli (PV) - ITALY

Tel.: +39 0382 814485 - +39 0382 814490
Fax: +39 0376 814481
E-mail: metsrl@metsrl.it

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