Leader for over 50 years in the chemical industry
Kenda Farben today
Research and development
One of the main strengths of Kenda Farben is the high quality of the products and the consistent dedication to the research and development of new lines, more and more suitable to the never ending evolution of the working processes in footwear and leathergoods.
The consistent investments in this area have brought Kenda Farben to have R&D labs extremely advanced and specialized for product line. Today, four different research sections are working: one for dyes, one for adhesives, one for water base products and one for masterbatch (coloring paste for PU systems). That's where the hundreds of products are studied and tested.
Besides, Kenda Farben provides a technical service customized for each single customer, both for the creation of "ad hoc" products and for on site assistance of the local personnel.

Operating results
Kenda Farben is one of the leader companies in manufacturing adhesives, varnishes and finishing products for any type of material (skin, leather, SBR rubber, PU, PVC, TPR, etc.)
It employees 100 people and consists of two plants at Garlasco: in the main one are based the offices, the warehouses and the production of adhesives, dyes and water base products, on an area of 8.800 mq.
The actual production is more than 50 tons of final products per day, with a consistent growth in the last years.
In 2003, the total group income overcame 50 million Euro, with an average 15% growth since 1995.

ECCO Global Vendor Award 2016

Next development
Kenda Farben's next steps for the close future project on two main dimensions.
From one side, there will be a continuous dimensional growth, both as served markets and, as a consequence, as production capacity: a new 2.500 mq. unit dedicated to water base products has just started operations in the main area.
On the other hand, the very rapid growth forced a rethinking of the company in more rational terms, looking for the highest efficiency and quality in every single operation, optimizing the service level also through the strengthening of marketing and customer care activities.
An important step in this direction is the ISO 9001:2015 certification, obtained in autumn 2003.



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