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The expansion

In this growth strategy abroad are included the direct investments made in high potential development areas. Among them, of particular importance are Kenda Farben China., created in China in 1994, the first joint-ventures with local operators to make adhesives with Italian technologies, in a plant established at Huizhou City, Canton.

The company growth was not planned just on a territory base, but also through diversification in activities complementary to the core one. This choice allows to make the most of the technical skills and the sales knowledge in Italy and abroad, widening the range of products and services provided to the customers and finally sharing out the entrepreneurial risk among several activities, even if strictly connected.
First, in 1986 Kenda Farben S.r.l., was born at Ferrera Erbognone (8 Km. far from Garlasco), to sale adhesives in small packages, enamels, paints and auxiliaries for the house, adhesive tapes, etc.: same know-how of the parent company to conquer the "do-it-yourself" market. Today Kenda Farben S.r.l. is an outstanding national and international provider.
In 1990 the new start up is MET-UTIM GROUP SRL, at Gropello Cairoli (PV), specialized in designing and making dying machines for soles, heels and uppers.
In 1994 was created at Vigevano Garde S.r.l., dedicated to textile and reinforce materials for footwear.
Finally, in 2002, the last agreement for the creation of Pavikend S.r.l., that produces and sells in Italy water base adhesives.

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