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Leader for over 50 years in the chemical industry
Polychem Systems S.r.l.

Polychem Systems is specialised in the formulation of polyurethanes for expanded foams and elastomers production.
The main application areas are: footwear, sports, automotive and building industry.
The possible applications for polyurethane are extremely wide, thus the physical-chemical characteristics of our products are strictly related to the formulation of their components.
Our technicians are committed to guarantee the continuous improvement of the existing products and are always available for the development of new formulations for specific applications. Quality control is consistent and well-diffused and guarantees the high performance of our polyurethane formulas.

Polychem Systems S.r.l.

Sistemi Poliuretanici

Via Roma 52 - 46040 Casalromano (MN) - ITALY

Tel.: +39 0376 76183
Fax: +39 0376 714191 (acquisti e vendite)
Fax: +39 0376 76374 (amministrazione e ufficio tecnico)
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